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horror? eating? yes. 

A short horror game about eating some chicken wings, perfect!  Loved the small details in this.

Great short horror game! Got me good a few times!

Utterly Terrifying, probably not a good idea if you have anxiety. It is very effective at making you constantly afraid that something is going to jump out and kill you at any moment.


this game was snackilicious ;)

My dad is a pig and he wants to eat me but I said "no dad, stay away!" but he just kept coming and I had to run away but my tummy was full and suddenly I found myself trying to remember a code that I had seen about 15 minutes prior but I forgot it and he eated me the end

thank you for this game

Got me, re-tried, and got got again LMAO nice (it's the third game, starts at 8:28)

short game but I love it great scared and I put em all in one video all three was good.. Shout out to Bruno Bricchi for this game...

Oh boy I sure am hungry at 12 a.m specifically! I sure hope no demonic entities transport me to strange locations and try to eat my aaaaaaaa-ANUS...

I'll be very honest, that first jumpscare almost took me out! I screamed so hard my mic went out lol. Great job! I really enjoy games like this! 


Great game!! Very spooky, we enjoyed it

too easy

Great short horror game! Got me good a few times!

I loved it! It actually scared me a couple of times. It was a great game to kick off the new year! it is the first game.

Truly a wonderful game i truly enjoyed

it and thought you did really well on it

Honestly…this game TERRIFIED me!! I enjoyed it quite a bit and didn’t quite know what to expect going into it. Hats off to the creator! 

Fun concept, I liked the creaking of the stairs and how you hear them again in the kitchen.  The texts were pretty creepy too.

Short and spooky...loved it!!!

This game freaked me out. Especially due to the message at the end after I survived. Cool short game 👍

Nice game

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

1st horror game ever played!!!! :))))


The game got me GOOD once xD screamed so hard I saw stars haha. Loved the game and keep up the amazing work! Left a follow!!!!

3 Scary Games!!!

1st Game I Play, Hope You Enjoy!!!

Awesome game! I hope to check out more of your games! Don't forget to like and subscribe for more if you enjoyed this reaction video! 


this is an old recording that I haven't uploaded till now. but i did want to let you know that i liked the game :) 

Thi-Thi-..This was amusing 


this game is short and to the point. Dont understand the little story but still enjoyable.  


The game is really neat, though - I need help, I can't get this melody out of my head that played on the TV because I feel like I've heard it somewhere?? But I can't put my finger on it?


must watch, good game you got me 
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