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This was quite exhilarating! I thought this was quite good I just struggled one what to do though and got stuck but I enjoyed trying out :D

Honestly a game worth playing! Played it twice, after finding the syringes the first time it does become an easy. A randomizer for the items would be cool. The main attraction is the monster and the story. It is such a short game but the story is very gripping  :) Awesome work!

The monster was incredibly scary! Took me a long time to find the very last vial! 

This was so much fun! (even though I wasted some time bc I completely missed that I needed to get the syringe first lol) Story was good, presentation was good, mechanics were smooth.

Played at 12:51. My poor friend! Well made game it was fun.

check out my video.

Excellent! ❤️


great game! ıt spooked me, I hid and waited 10 minutes until footstep stopped lol


very good game why did you turn my boi into a bug lol


Spooky game! I really liked it, it was fun and simple. I would recommend!

Nice game. Luckily I figured out how to kill the bug boi. If there are future updates, my feedback is: please put a gun in the game. I was trying to find the gun for about 20 minutes because the guy who wrote the note told me I coudl perhaps to use a gun to kill it.

me gusto tu juego 10/10 le doy mi pana 100% recomendado 


the puppetcombo vibe is goin strong!

Full Play No Commentary 

Really decent short experience, scares got me a couple of times it has its issues but fun game overall, great job

I LOVED this game I can't wait to see what else you make! I seriously got so invested! Very cool monster very cool concept! Here is my blind reaction! the game starts at 8:20!

hi, big thx for the nice game. greetings from rosti 🙏😘

The game was very fun to play, except for the AI's pathfinding. I don't know why, but when I would simply run around a table (still in view of Jeremy), the chase would just end. Also, the wall by the lab in the back of the map, you can just walk through it. Just thought I would point that out. Other than that, I think the game is pretty well made, great job!

Very quick and effective horror game, i really like the sound design on the monster to give you an edge by telling you where it is, but that last viral location is gonna be a tableflip for some people haha. 1st Game.

I was not prepared for the creatures design! The game overall was pretty good. Had a bit of a time finding that last vial though! 

I liked being able to tell where he was by the sound. It added a creep factor!

Bruno, I loved the concept and the enemy design but I might have accidentally stumbled into a weak point: whenever I was hiding under a table, the big bad would not leave which nearly broke me. It worked fine for the lockers, so maybe there’s something with the desk-hiding-places that doesn’t trigger the enemy to leave. So for me, the gameplay concept was better than the gameplay reality but I did enjoy the first reveal A LOT! (also, if you watch the lets play, sorry for my rants, I was very in my feelings during this :D). 

Had tons of fun on this one. Jeremy scared the crap out of me and that last vile was a bit tricky for me lol. check out my video i hope whoever watches enjoys.


god, Jeremy is a little fricker. I loved the stealth aspect of it AND how the monster was randomized in terms of where he would walk to. Big fan! Can’t wait for the next. Played this and recorded as well!

Fun thumbnail as always!

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You never let me down in what you create Bruno. 

Midnight Snack, Trick or Death and now My Old friend.

Loved this one, and usually I'm not a fan of stealth games. They just feel  too one dimensional for me. BUT, the way you designed this with the very accurate sound design made this both tense and enjoyable to play.

As always, thank you for creating Bruno, can't wait to see the next one!

The game was short and fun, it did not take many attempts to complete the game, it’s a good thing you wrote clear directions in the note, I attempted to use the syringe with one dose before I read it. I’m glad you did not hide the serums in hard to see spots, they could have so easily been missed. I was not expecting to be attacked through the door, that did catch me by surprise.

I enjoyed this game. It was very creepy.

good game!

nice game

Short, as in both the game and the character's height. XD
But it was good, good job dev ~

Short but good. 

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RIP Jeremy, gone but never forgotten. 

Absolutely loved this, great work. 


Fun concept! I did giggle some at the monster but that's just me.

I gave this game a go and I had a lot of fun with it, I was dumb and didn't grab the syringe on my first try. I love games with these kind of graphics. If you want to see my playthrough of it here it is! Any support is really appreciated!


Really liked the story and concept of the game!

Please subscribe and help my channel grow! Likes and comments are always welcome as well, I will reply! Thanx!

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creepy :D

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