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nice game


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Nice game !

What a wild game! Was not expecting the end. 


this is a cool short game to play, the only thing i would say that might be good for this is some background music or something but overall still a fun game!!

Enjoyable game which helped cheer me up.  I enjoyed murder all my rude neighbors.  (Perhaps a little too much).   

I know the game has some rough spots i.e. the jump scares seemed to be out of sync with the sound for me.  Probably just by relic of a PC though. 

Overall an enjoyable experience, you've earnt yourself a follower and I look forward to trying London Ripper when it comes out :)  

Here is my playthrough of the game.

Loved it!! Awesome job

Really great game! I loved the retro art style, it really gave off a classic slasher movie vibe as if I was a young Michael Myers. I think the game teaches a good lesson, never deny a child sweets on halloween, they may seek revenge.

Managed to get all three endings, even though I convinced myself the third ending required luring someone to the murder spot at the back of the church.

Looking forward to your next game.

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this was a good game couldnt find all the endings the jumpscares did get me tho lol 

Pixelated games have a good place in my heart and this one is no exception, really enjoyed the game and the few scares that i missed because my back was turned, the twist at the end was pretty sick too, thank you for making this! 1st game.

love your game :):):)

I did NOT expect the turn of events in this game! The premise was a bit dark in a way that is accurate to common real life experiences. The game itself was fun to play and I enjoyed finding all 3 endings!

Olá, venho através desse texto dizer que simplesmente amei demais esse jogo, fiz uma gameplay e tomei alguns sustos que me deixou bem satisfeito. FIca aqui minha recomendação, não só pra assistir essa gameplay, como também pra jogar e sentir essa experiencia incrivel que é desse jogo. Sucesso a todos que fizeram também gameplays, Tamo juntos.

We absolutely loved this one. Fantastic job!!!

Played this game recently even though it's December, I really enjoyed the graphic style and the short storyline.

I did manage to somehow glitch outside of the map and the stairs were a bit hard to climb, but you can just jump to solve that. Overall this game is really well made and the jump scares are unpredictable. I rate it a solid 8/10 and would definitely play more games by this developer.

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This game was a blast to play.

I like the style, but it's too quiet and the default sensitivity is painfully high,
also kinda weird walking up the stairs in the old building,
other than that, cool game

Great concept and jumpscares! Here's my funny gameplay (PLEASE CHECK OUT)

This game caught me off guard so many times. Good spooks with cool VHS graphics. 

Really enjoyed the game. Short and sweet. Very few issues and truly enjoyed myself thank you for this! 

ok so i hope you can change that and thats all i have to say byeee
i bet it would of been cool but it was a ZIP file and it never works when its zip for me

Jogo muito bom! com uma jogabilidade simples e boa, gráficos psx e uma curta história,  recomendo!

Pretty fun

I liked killing the mean people :) 

The game is still very laggy. Try making the frame buffer to 3D without effects

I have a pretty average computer most games work fine.

this game is really good for what it is but has a few problems its a little buggy witch isn't a big deal but also there's almost no audio and I kind of wish there was like at least a background track but other than that this games really good and i really like the concept if you want to see my full playthrough here it is

if you checked it out I appreciate you and have a good day regardless

Bruno. This and Midnight Snack. Traumatizing in their own way lol!

Seriously though, great job on this one, the tone seems innocent but the content itself is far from it lol.  But the guy with the "your mom" joke....he had it coming.

Hey dude good game!! It's was a good experience.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Very Cool Game! The Idea Its Very Cool i liked The experience of the game it was very fun to play!

Fun little game! Enjoyed it. Ill check out your other one too!!

if you want some kill in your life check no further then this game hitman 3 



very simple and fun, lost of killing so  that made it even better 

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